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how to create gifs from photos?


Although gif is one of the oldest image format, gif makers are still very popular. Because users' wish to animate sequence of photos is still strong. With FreeGifMaker.me creating of animated gifs may be an easy task even for beginners. Your actions to create simple GIF image are:

  • - open http://freegifmaker.me/ and click on "UPLOAD PHOTOS" button;
  • - choose several photos from your PC or smartphone;
  • - adjust order of the photos;
  • - choose size and speed of your future gif;
  • - click "Create gif" button;
That's all. You are ready to download or share your new gif image.

Besides usual basic options of choosing gif size and animation speed FreeGifMaker.me also provides "drag and drop" feature. Drag your photos and drop anywhere on the webpage to upload to the server. This feature is extremely useful when working on PC.

Give a try to FreeGifMaker.me and we guarantee you making gifs with a fun!

Drag images to change order