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My Favorite Online Gif Maker


Although gif is one of the oldest image format gif maker is still very popular. The reason is in an ability of gif images be animated. With our online software creating of animated gif is an easy task even for beginners. All you need to make a gif is to select images from your computer and click "Create button".

FreeGifMaker.me also supports choosing of image size and animation speed. One more useful feature is "drag and drop" of images to the webpage to upload, and easy change of the order of uploaded images using mouse. Give a try to our service and we guarantee you to make gifs with fun.

Animated gif made by users is usually a sequence of their photos. We offer you to change the usual way and have a little fun. Choose one of our animated gif effects and give your photo a different view ...

You may notice those amusing gifs on the web, where all actions go in a reverse order. Our gif maker is a place where you can make those reverse gifs yourself. No special skills required ...