Which way to create gif do you prefer today?
1. What FreeGifMaker.com can give me?
FreeGifMaker.com is a place where for you to create animations and animated effects from your photos.
2. How can I create my animation?
It very easy and fast.

a. You can create animated picture from our main pape. Just upload at least two photos ( maximum ten ), select desired size and speed and click to "Generate Animation" button.

b. To create animated effect, please, select one from the listed on the main page effects, upload necessary number of photos, select effect size and click to "Generate Animation" button.
3. How to upload my photos to the server?
Click to the "Browse" button and select your photo from the proposed system dialog window.
Click to the "Add one more picture" to upload more the 3 photos.
4. How to save my result animation?
After you generate your animation click to the "Save to disk" link to save animation to your computer.
5. How can I share my animation?
On the result page you can find link to your animation, you can send to the friends just from the form on the website.
We also provide you with HTML code, that you can put to your Facebook, MySpace or Orkut profiles
6. How long do you save animation on the FreeGifMaker.me?
For now we delete unused pictures after 3 months.
7. What is next?
More new effects and further service improvement.